packakging fruits, vegetables, bulbs, flowers HOCQ emballage, natural packaging specialits wood boxes, plywood boxes, crates, baskets, punnets, pallets ecological packaging, sustainable development, wood
ecology, packaging which can be recycled

A complete range of wooden packaging


naturals wooden boxes for food contacts


Fruit and veg packaging

3 basic dimensions

dimensions of ecological packing wood

For product visibility and aeration,
there are two side pieces: side and head.
min = 6cm, max = 28cm.

There is a great flexibility for adapting
to all kinds of products

Diagram of crates, baskets, punnets
The benefit : STACKABILITY
They can be stacked and transported in the blink of an eye

Tray without slats

Packaging in plywood veneer with four sides with top and bottom in plywood veneer and sides in sawn timber.


PEFC, NIMP15 standards

Tray with slats

The smaller packaging slats slot
and stack on the top bars.

Food transport fruits and vegetables, flowers, north of France, Belgium, Holland