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durable management of the forests


A renewable raw material : from poplar fields, poplar wood, a major factor in natural packaging, is an entirely renewable material. The European Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) stamps forestry production with a brand that certifies that the products are from sustainable forests.

Wood is an asset against the greenhouse effect : the production of a tonne of wood is the equivalent to the absorption of 1.5 tonnes of CO2 and to the emission of two tonnes of oxygen.

A natural material, and so a non-polluting manufacture without chemical additives and with low energy consumption.


Very resistant to moisture, the packaging ensures safe handling, storage and transportation. They can be stored in cold storage and ripening rooms without a problem.


waste recycling ecology, sustainable development


Light Wooden Packaging (LWP) is perfect for contact with produce : the wood can present a complete case file that proves its perfect aptitude for produce contact. A study has been undertaken by a consortium of companies in this sector to culminate in the implementation of good practice hygiene codes.


Once collected, the recovered wood is shredded and offers many opportunities: chipboard, wood fuel, compost.

wood of poplar, carbon assessment of woog industry

packaging for food, standards PEFC, NIMP15

100% LOCAL

The production of light wooden packaging is mainly done in the local area around the principal agricultural production sites, which positively impacts on transport costs.

This activity sector is comprised of:
- 60 French companies
- 120 industrial sites
- 10,000 directly involved employees


100% consumer recognition

For the majority of consumers, wooden packaging is synonymous with a natural quality.
Wood is the champion of authenticity in produce and the packaging that's best suited to the environment.