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ecology, packaging which can be recycled

The benefits of wooden packaging

containers bulbs, vegetables, fruits
HOCQ Packaging manufactures light wooden packaging, mainly used for crates for fruit, vegetables and flowers.

We offer a wide range of plain poplar wood packaging to protect all your products: crates, baskets, punnets and plywood boxes.  


HOCQ Packaging is a one-stop shop. We guarantee the whole manufacturing cycle, from the purchase of raw materials (poplar wood) to the finished product, to the finished product, its marketing and its transport.


HOCQ Packaging is situated near Lille, just a few miles from the Belgian border, on the Amsterdam-Rungis longitude line. This location in a rural area is explained by the proximity to gardeners markets (cauliflowers, lettuce, leeks, carrots, tomatoes, apples, pears).


sustainable development, durable management of the forests